Your character is your avatar in The Wold of Kung Fu. You can customize your character in a few ways.

Create your characterEdit

Class Edit

There are nine different classes, each one with different capabilities than the others. Which class a character has determines which class spells they learn, and more.

For more information, see the article on class.


Select your characters sex by selecting the male or female sign right under the name input box. Sex does not have any effect on your character in the actual game, just the appearance of male or female character models.

Also there are different animations in walking, emotes or even in fight, where skills used by male and female usually looks different. That cause some problems sometimes cuz of that you can't break that animationa and usually females animations are a way longer than male. I.e. in spear - roaring lotus - for male it's just 1 slash of spear arould char, females do many slashes and you can't move for 3 secs, where male is able to move after 1.5 sec. - Added by Makusu

Character Physical FeaturesEdit

When customizing your character there are many choices to choose from. You may choose one of the seven hairstyles; one of the three hair colors; one of the ten facial features; and one of the twelve face details: all which affect how your character's sprite will appear on the map and combat screens. This does not have any effect on your character except for the appearance.

Character nameEdit

Select a name for your character. The name must consist solely of letters. It cannot contain spaces or symbols. It also cannot conflict with an existing character on that server.

Names must be from 2 to 14 characters long . - edited by Makusu