World of Kung Fu Wiki

Most people believe that the words "Kung Fu" translate to "Martial Arts." This however is not the case. Yes, most often when hearing the words "Kung Fu" you are listening to someone speak about martial arts, but the true translation of the words are quite different. "Kung Fu" which is usually pronounced "Gong Fu" is roughly translated "Skill achieved through hard work." If you look up the word "skill" in most any English-Chinese Dictionary (try you will find this line...

    功夫 - gōng fu - skill; art; kung fu; labor; effort

Notice that the characters are the first two in the WoKF logo.

The only real reason that I decided to add this information, is because I find the name "World of Kung Fu" to be a delightfully fitting title. Of course it has the martial arts aspect. But further, the more time that you spend in the game working your character, the higher his/her skill will become.

So from a real life and now simulated Kung Fu practitioner...Play Hard.