Tiger Bandit
Tiger Bandit
Level 12-13
Health points unknown
Area Sulin Garden
Official description
<To be done>

Tiger Bandit is a monster.

Item Drops and the drop percentages.

Drop Item Drop Chance
Raw Silk 2%
Peach 1%
Flax 2%
Chunk of Meat 9%
Morning Dew 6%
Wooden Bowl 4%
Cotton Fiber 3%
Animal Hide 10%
Gourd 1%
Steamed Bread 3%
Corn 1%
Wild Cabbage 1%
Forging Voucher: 1 1%
Soup Bones 1%
Halberd Hilt See Note 1

1) This item only dropss if you are on the Quest Extermination of the Tiger Bandit

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