White Cloud Spirit
White Cloud Spirit
Level 1-6
Health points 85/85
Area Sulin Garden
Official description
These are the first monsters you will face when you leave Taoyuan. These little guys are neutral to you and will not attack unless you attack them first. They are also an excellent source of income for newbies since you can mass kill them in no time and buy your first armor set before its even given to you.

White Cloud Spirit is a monster.

Item Drops and the drop percentages.

Drop Item Drop Chance
White Cloud Shard68.47%
Cotton Fiber7.69%
Wild Cabbage3.84%
Chunk of Meat15.38%
Morning Dew3.84%
Forging Voucher 23.84%
Cloud Phantom(1) 0%
Notes: *1) Only dropped while doing the Special Wine Quest

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